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Closure of Tomahawk Films

It is with a mixed feeling of sadness & pride that we finally close the Tomahawk Films’ website....

For, after 30 years as a full-time production company, (and with 48 albums, 3 books, 2 documentaries, 2 Hollywood Motion-Picture credits & myriad credits on the BBC, ITV, Channels 4 & 5, Discovery & History Channels and many overseas TV companies, to our name), we have finally decided it is now the right time to ‘call it a day’ though you may still hear our German music on TV Documentary & Movie sound-tracks!

On behalf of Tomahawk Films, I send out a ‘heartfelt thank you’ to everybody that generously supported my film & television company over the last very happy 30 years... it has also been a great pleasure speaking to many of you over the years about our shared passion for World War Two in general and our German military & civilian music in particular....

I am proud to have been the producer behind all of Tomahawk Film’s output over those terrific 30 years and hope all our loyal customers will keep ‘flying the German music flag’!

With every good wish..!


Brian Matthews
Producer & CEO
The Tomahawk Films
WW-II German Archive