Tomahawk’s CD Covers – Pt 2

Over the years, as a full-time professional German sound & vision archive we have put a great deal of thought into the selection of the CD & DVD covers we produce for the Tomahawk Films’ WW-II German Archive range of products and, aided & abetted, by our very talented team of printers & graphic designers, many of them feature some seriously striking black & white original German images that are, again, taken directly from original German WW-II military music-related photos in our archive.

Such evocative covers that our production team enjoyed designing include Reitermaersche -The Cavalry Music of the Third Reich and the Lieder der Sturm-Abteilung und Hitlerjugend, which utilised some of our exciting period photographs, so too with the Instrumental Marches of Hitler’s Elite Musikkorps & Musikschulen CD, which features a  very rare photo of a Belgian Waffen-SS clarinettist from the ‘Westland’ Musikkorps.

We’ve worked hard over the last 25–plus years we have been in this business to develop a distinctive ‘house style’ and our very noticeable ‘Tomahawk Films Red’ colour scheme, (as it is now known in local professional printing circles), has really become something of an international trademark down through the years..that and the fact that our audio CD releases are only ever released in smart, fully-tailored cardboard sleeves or slip-cases..!

We have often been asked by customers why we do that and not use ‘standard plastic outers’ that you buy your High Street CDs in? Well the answer is quite simple: to try to combat piracy..!

Sadly the only downside of Tomahawk Films’ global success in this archival field, (and the bane of our life!), is that our hard-sourced & expensively re-edited audio material makes us a targeted company for the ne’er-do-wells and as such most, if not all of our music, (at least, though very probably our DVDs as well), is now widely pirated around the world from Russia to America and from Latin-America to the Far East… but most pirates save their own money and simply colour-photocopy our covers and slide them, along with their home-computer-copied CDs, into plastic jewel cases..!

It obviously too much like hard work and is far too costly for them to go to the trouble of doing a ‘proper job’ and printing a professional slip-case card-board cover as we do, (though one very well-known US pirate has given it a good go..thanks bud! )… so when you buy a Tomahawk Films’ original factory-produced Musik CD,  (whether from us or from one of our official dealer friends), and it comes in the striking Red & Black Tomahawk cardboard slip-cover you can, (usually 9 times out of 10) be assured that, for the most-part, you are buying ‘the real deal’..!

If in doubt by all means contact us and we’d be happy to confirm if the dealer/on-line shop you are thinking of buying from is one of our official dealer-friends & partners… if they aren’t, then sadly it’s a good chance it’s ‘duff’’. Incidentally, at the moment we do not sell on Amazon-US, just an official presence on, if that gives you a clue..?

In America our original Tomahawk Film’s products are only ever represented by our good friends at International Historic Films in Chicago and The Military Issue in Minneapolis.. though we are in negotiations with a new company that would like to represent us at selected US Arms Fairs, which could be interesting…

…. and whilst on the subject of ne’er-do-wells, if it is helpful for you to know, we do not offer Tomahawk Film’s WW-II German Archival downloads anywhere in the world… so even if an on-line company states it is a ‘legal down-load company’, (as it would do!), if it is ‘Tomahawk Films’ material that you see or hear being offered to you as ‘free streaming’ or as a digital download, then it is most definitely illegal, probably low quality.. and they have absolutely no licences issued by us to do so..!!!

Copyright @ Brian Matthews 2012

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