Brian ‘Bruno’ Matthews’ Background

On location for ‘Brookside’ – Channel 4

Born in Essex in 1958, Tomahawk Films’ producer and CEO Brian Matthews has spent the last 50 years in the small village of Twyford on the beautiful River Itchen near Winchester, from where he has worked as a writer, producer, broadcaster and military historian since entering the world of Film & Television in 1982.

A student and collector of  military memorabilia since opening up part of his parent’s house  to the publics as a museum at the age of 13, Brian has steadily risen risen through the ranks of film, television & radio, working in many roles:

Ashes Test Cricket for Channel 9 Australia

From  production manager & floor-manager on a number of television series & programmes for the UK including ITV’s Jack Hargreaves’ Out of Town, and Channel Four’s ’Brookside’ to Ashes Test Cricket for Channel Nine Australia and from numerous live outside broadcasts for Eurosport and many top rock bands to becoming a local radio presenter and narrator & voice-over artiste on programmes for the BBC & Satellite Television and a host of WWII-interest television documentaries & DVDs, it has been an interesting life to say the least…

But it was his life-time interest in World War Two that soon brought about the creation of Tomahawk Films through which he wrote & produced his acclaimed 50′ TV documentary ‘Channel Islands Occupied’ before turning his attention to WW-II German Military Music and the soldier-musicians who performed it, resulting in his book: The Military Music and Bandsmen of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich 1933-45.

On location for Fortress Guernsey

A five year parallel contract working as the Media Consultant to ’Fortess Guernsey’ in the mid 1990s saw Brian regularly writing & broadcasting on the subject of that island’s war-time German occupation, in addition to working as a historical adviser to the many television & movie companies that filmed there during Brian’s tenure. However it is Tomahawk Films and its continued involvement in the on-going study of Nazi Music and the military history  from that turbulent era beginning in 1933 and lasting until 1945, that is Brian’s great passion!

Originally a film & television documentary production company when founded in 1987, Tomahawk Films is now a full-time professional German archive specialising in Third Reich military & civilian music, (plus original combat sound-effects), and many international Film & TV Production Companies, from MGM and Disney-Miramax in Holluwood to the BBC and Discovery & History Channel in Europe, turn to Brian first for help & advice with their historical archival needs.

Tomahawk Films also continue to produce broadcast-studio quality Third Reich/Nazi-era music CDs directly for the global collector & ethusiast market via the company’s renowned mail-order catalogue and on-line via Tomahawk’s own website and our other main on-line shop window, Amazon-UK.

In addition to overseeing the day-to-day running of Tomahawk, ‘Bruno’ (as he is also known), continues his work as a freelance writer, presenter & voice-over artiste, whilst also maintaining ties with German veterans of World War Two, occasioning Willy Casselmann, Chormeister, of the Waffen-SS Veterans Soldatenchor, Minden, Germany to state:

In all of Germany I have never met another man, in Brian, with such love for German soldiership, military music, and the songs that soldiers sing..! “